If you are part of the original Web-APP dev team and you wish to contact me, please use this form.

We're almost ready to release Web-APP 3! We should be back up and running in or before September 2014. Thanks for your patience.

Some Features of Web-APP 3

News posting
Social networking
Member profiles
Private messages
Photo, video and link sharing
Auto-post articles to Twitter and/or Facebook
Comment moderation on/off
Full privacy control of profile info and status updates
Block content
Ad content
RSS content integration
Security minded

Security Notice
All previous versions of Web-APP (including all forks) written in Perl have some security problems that some of the developers have known about for quite a few years. Many of these have been fixed, but there are many more that the Perl versions of Web-APP contain that can cause serious harm to your server.

You should know that wherever you downloaded Web-APP from, all existing Perl versions contain security problems. So, be careful if you decide to continue using any of them. This is one reason work with Web-APP 3 began. The security problems with the Perl versions are too numerous. One of the security issues involved a former developer who installed a program within the overall code which he used as a backdoor to hack other servers or to gain personal information of users. This was fixed in later versions of Web-APP from .org and web-app.info. There are also security problems with login credentials which can allow a hacker to login to the admin account.

The Web-APP team is no longer programming in Perl.